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Sean liked 7 days ago

Montrose County Fair

On Wednesday, July 28th I had the opportunity to participate in the “Brown Bag Lunch & Learn“ event held at the Event Center  at the Montrose County Fair. The topic of “Improving Soil through SOIL HEALTH” was presented by the Shavano Conservation District. Conservation Agriculture was initially introduced in the Montrose area between the years of 1999-2002. Integrating on-Farm practices with applied research over the past two decades has contributed to formation of the key principles of Conservation Agriculture as they are being incorporated today on a practical basis in “The Valley”: 1. Minimize Soil Disturbance   2. Maintain Living Roots  3. Plant Diversity  4. Maximize Ground Cover  5. Integrate Livestock. 

Following the presentation, participants of the “Brown Bag Lunch & Learn” event were provided with a 75 page color ”SOIL HEALTH Resource Guide” prepared by Green Cover Seed, headquartered in Bladen, Nebraska. The Resource Guide is available to the public at no charge by going to


Ian replied 7 days ago

Suggestions on digging in clay?

Hi everyone,

I've recently started trying gardening and landscaping to turn my ugly desert gravel yard into something a bit more pleasing to the eyes, but I've been running into an issue -- clay. There is so much adobe clay in the ground that it's incredibly difficult to dig in by hand (broke 2 shovels already), and I was wondering if anyone has experience in this and could give me any tips? I'm doing a variety of things such as digging post holes, trenches, and general leveling of certain areas. 

I was considering maybe a rototiller, but I'm not sure it would actually dig deep enough into the ground to loosen the soil without renting an industrial level one. I was also considering an auger, but I have similar reservations about that. If they would work, what size(s) would be appropriate? I'm only on ~1/8 acre and am only landscaping 2/3 of it. 

So far the best luck I've had is digging the clay when it's wet, but it becomes so heavy it's ridiculous. I'd also like to avoid wasting water on something like this if I can. Anyways, any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

Aleta replied a month ago

Phacelia seed for planting in Montrose Gardens

Four months ago Cally Hale & Aleta Labak & I had a discussion on cover crops in this  NABUR Agriculture discussion group. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to pick up 4 pounds of Phacelia seed at Southwest Seed in Dolores, CO. 

Phacelia is a fantastic pollinator attractor! 

I am actively looking to distribute the phacelia seed to those interested in seeding the phacelia seed within the next week or so. Within 2 months, the phacelia will be flowering! 

In return for providing the phacelia seed at no cost, I am requesting that the phacelia grower provide me with photos & written observations of the phacelia plants as they develop to maturity. 

If you are interested in seeding phacelia, please contact me prior to the 4th of July by texting to: 605.890.2600 or emailing me at:

Please be ready to let me know the amount of phacrlia seed that You are interested in planting: 

Phacelia Seeding rate:

4 oz / 1,000 sq. ft. / 0.11 kg / 92.9 sq.meters

Phacelia Seeding depth:

1/4 in > 1/2 in depth /  6.35 millimeters / 12.7 millimeters 

Looking forward to hearing from You before the Fourth of July. 


Josue liked 3 months ago

Thoughts on Initiative 16 bill

Hi everyone, I'm working on a story for the proposed Initiative 16 bill (The PAUSE Act--Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation) and am having conversations with local farmers and ranchers, as well as State Rep. Marc Catlin, to hear their perspective on the proposal. Would anyone like to share their thoughts, perspectives and/or points on the bill that may appear on the November 8, 2022 ballot? The details of the bill can be read here.