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Samantha replied 2 months ago

Have any photos from the Montrose County Fair? Comment them below for a chance at a $25 Montrose Bucks gift card!

It's another photo contest! 

Just like for 4th of July, the newsroom wants to give away a gift card for the best photo from the Montrose County Fair. Starting today, we'll be hosting the contest for the next week, so if you haven't taken many photos, get out there this weekend and set up the perfect shot!

You can submit as many photos as you'd like (without spamming) and we'll vote on our favorite at the end of next week. Here's some photos of the fair from Joseph Harold to inspire you.

Courtesy of Joseph Harold
Courtesy of Joseph Harold
Courtesy of Joseph Harold
Courtesy of Joseph Harold
Courtesy of Joseph Harold
Courtesy of Joseph Harold
Anna replied 3 days ago

Interested in how Colorado Redistricting will impact the Western Slope?


“Colorado Redistricting and its Impacts on 
Delta, Montrose and Ouray Counties‚ÄĚ

Thursday, October 14, 5:30 ‚Äď 7:00pm

Zoom link:

Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissioners will provide a brief overview of the Colorado Redistricting process, the impacts to Delta, Montrose, and Ouray Counties, 
outline next steps in the process, and identify ways to get involved. 

Guest speakers: 
   Legislative Redistricting Commissioner Robin Schepper (D, CD 3) 
   Congressional Redistricting Commissioner Lori Schell (U, CD 3) 




Sean liked 4 days ago

Colorado District 3 candidates seek a platform around unity

Happy Tuesday! I've been busy interviewing a couple more CO-D3 candidates this week and the underlying theme centered on unity and amplifying all voices everywhere. Monday afternoon I chatted with Kellie Rhodes and today I was able to speak with Marina Zimmerman.

A little about the candidates:

Kellie Rhodes is running on the Democrat platform. She draws from her experience in social services, CPS, youth corrections and security corrections. She has extensively researched the link between neurology and empathy in relation to youth within the system.

Candidate Kellie Rhodes (D)
Candidate Kellie Rhodes (D)

Her priorities include addressing the housing crisis, helping struggling mothers and children and emphasizing unity.

Marina Zimmerman is running on the Republican platform. She spent 20 years in industrial construction as a crane operator, but has lived in Colorado for 25 years now. Zimmerman also has several degrees, including an associates in the legal field, a bachelor's in political science. She additionally served on the Student Senate as the Legislative Affairs Chair.

Candidate Marina Zimmerman (R)
Candidate Marina Zimmerman (R)

Her priorities include mental health education, the housing crisis and renewing relationships needed for a functioning government.

Keep an eye out for the full profiles this week!


Coming up in Montrose: exhibits, festivals and a ballot info forum. What are you most excited about? Are there any other upcoming events you’d like to highlight?

On our website and in print, we posted some upcoming events, but I wanted to share some here too. 

Over Oct. 16 and 17, the Scarecrow Festival will take place at Montrose Botanic Gardens.

On Oct. 13,  The League of Women Voters of the Uncompahgre Valley will host a ballot info forum at 8am at the Montrose Forum.

On Oct. 14, there‚Äôs an opening for ‚ÄúUnbroken Spirit: Western Colorado‚Äôs Captive Mustangs‚ÄĚ solo exhibit by artist Savannah Conley at the Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery.¬†

And on Oct. 16, the 10th Annual Pioneer Social, presented by Montrose County Historical Society, will take place at Montrose United Methodist Church. 

Which of these events are you most excited about? 

Also, do you have any events to add? Share them in the comments below and I’ll add to this post.