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Sean replied 2 months ago

What questions do you have about the local community?

We'll soon be putting up flyers and suggestion boxes in a few places around town with that question. While there, you can write down your question, drop it in the box and our reporters will follow up. 

We're putting those boxes up to advertise NABUR and its purpose -- connecting the community and the MDP newsroom. But since you're already here, I wanted to pose the question to you too: What questions do you have about Montrose? 

Anything is welcome. 


What do you think about the new mascots?

On Tuesday night, the school board officially approved the new mascots for Montrose High School and Centennial Middle School. Red Hawks will replace the Indians at MHS and Centennial's mascot will now be the Bears instead of the Braves.

The school district has been working since the fall to figure out how to select and implement new mascots at both schools since the legislature passed a bill banning Native American mascots at public schools in Colorado. 

I'll still be covering this story until the mascot swap is complete. If you have any questions for the people in charge, let me know what you think I should ask them! 


Please report spam

Hello, NABURs! From time to time, someone will post spam content on this board. You can help us out by hitting the three dots ( ... ) at the bottom of the post and selecting "report." We do our best to keep on top of that, your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Teri updated 2 days ago
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