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Sean replied 6 months ago

What questions do you have about the local community?

We'll soon be putting up flyers and suggestion boxes in a few places around town with that question. While there, you can write down your question, drop it in the box and our reporters will follow up. 

We're putting those boxes up to advertise NABUR and its purpose -- connecting the community and the MDP newsroom. But since you're already here, I wanted to pose the question to you too: What questions do you have about Montrose? 

Anything is welcome. 

Dave replied 2 days ago

3 buildings have been burned by the Simms Fire already, and 10 more are in danger.

The fire, which may have begun as a controlled burn, has so far burned a confirmed 370 acres, and has prompted evacuation of the area. The fire is 15 miles southwest of Montrose, near the Montrose and Ouray County line. It's currently at 0 percent containment, but officials say fire crews have made progress. 

Those under the evacuation order can contact the fire information line at 970-765-7309 for assistance.


Do you have questions about Colorado's water resources?

Zane Kessler, Director of Government Relations for the Colorado River District (CRD) will present at The Forum Montrose's presentation series on Wednesday, May 18th, from 8-9 a.m. 

These talks take place at Colorado Mesa University's Montrose campus. The event group says Kessler will talk about the Colorado River District's goals of protection, conservation, use, and development of the water resources of the Colorado River basin.

I know this event is quite early tomorrow, so I wanted to ask here as well: is there anything you'd want to know about Colorado's water management? 

Cassie replied 6 days ago

A clear view of last night's lunar eclipse from Montrose. Let's share some photos!

With the warmer weather knocking at our door, I spent the better part of my Sunday driving around and saw Crested Butte for the first time. Luckily a friend cued me in to last night's eclipse just as I got home and I was able to cap off a beautiful day with a stunning view of the Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse around 9pm! This eclipse was special because it didn't just eclipse to black, it was painted a brilliant red. And because the moon was at its closest to Earth last night in its orbit, it was dubbed a "super" moon. 

I'd love to see your view of the Super Flower Blood Moon! I'll go first: 

View of the Super Flower Blood Moon on May 15, just after 9 p.m., near the Old City Market
View of the Super Flower Blood Moon on May 15, just after 9 p.m., near the Old City Market