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Community Bulletin
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Someone liked 4 months ago

What questions do you have about the local community?

We'll soon be putting up flyers and suggestion boxes in a few places around town with that question. While there, you can write down your question, drop it in the box and our reporters will follow up. 

We're putting those boxes up to advertise NABUR and its purpose -- connecting the community and the MDP newsroom. But since you're already here, I wanted to pose the question to you too: What questions do you have about Montrose? 

Anything is welcome. 


Whats your point?

I am frustrated with the fact that on the front of your ad regarding “NABUR” it is written in a way that seems welcoming and a good place to comment.Really ! Read it, it is written well! I made a comment over 6 months ago and it is still on the front page of the digital version. Now I have seen pictures of felons, killers, missing people and stories of things that go on in our community- granted, we all know we can pick up MDN in a month and get caught up as stories are ran over and over again. I get it, low budget, staffing, management, subscriptions all play into it- BUT my comment? the one about Region 10.The only comment!  If MDN is so bent on showing my comment months after I posted it, why not go follow up on that story? I know, right? Novel idea, new news, follow up! Heck, that murderer - you are showing first and front will go away before my comment. Please either follow up and create fresh news or go pick on someone else. Thanks!


This week's Forum

The Forum meets Wednesdays, 8-9 am at Cascade Hall on the CMU-Montrose campus. Cascade Hall is located on the corner of S 3rd and Cascade. Please use the glass doors on S 3rd to enter the building.  The program is free. 



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