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Sean replied 2 months ago

Bluecorn has its "Opening Day"

Bluecorn and its retail shop and cafe, called Bluecorn Cafe and Mercantile, opened its doors to the Montrose community on Wednesday. 

I stopped by to look around and get a feel for the new space, which is the former home of the Furniture Connection. I spoke with founder/owner Jon Kornbluh, who said he was 'thrilled' to open. 

There seems to be potential for the space to become a new popular spot for locals, much similar to Coffee Trader. There are tables and couches to sit at after you get some coffee and want to visit with friends or family. You can shop for some candles and other items while you're at it. 

Do you plan on stopping by soon? What are your hopes for the new business and space? 

JAMES liked 2 months ago

Geyser Systems a finalist for Innovative Product of the Year

Have you heard of a Geyser System? It's the flagship product from Geyser Systems, a Montrose-based business with a mission to address and improve water stressed regions, water use efficiency in Colorado and other parts of the country.  

The Geyser System attempts to fulfill that by serving as a portable shower that uses less than one gallon of water. 

Last week, it was announced Geyser Systems is nominated for Innovative Product of the Year in the 2022 Colorado Manufacturing Awards. 

Have you tried the Geyser System? You can learn more about it here

What parts of Colorado could use assistance from a product like this? Or what other parts of the country would benefit from such a system? 


Sean liked 2 months ago

How far will the "rise of remote" go?

Once the pandemic hit, people started to work from home with safety protocols in place. The state was trying to prevent spread, so remote work soon become the only option for some. 

Two years later, some people have embraced the change. Some realized there's no need to stick to the traditional 9-5. 

The question is: will this trend sustain? Coworking spaces have started to pop up more frequently and today there are six on the Western Slope (Montrose, Olathe, Ridgway, Telluride and Grand Junction). 

I wrote about Alt Space Coworking and Conexion Coworking. 

I find it fascinating that we are now in an age where people aren't tethered to a desk or location and can make their own schedules. I understand working from home isn't for everybody and that's why these spaces are interesting — you can have your own space away from home and work in your own time. 

Time will tell how much this trend continues, but it's expected to play a big role again in 2022 and 2023

Have you tried a coworking space? Are you considering transitioning to remote work? It'd be great to hear what you think about remote work, even if you're not a fan of it.