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COVID-19 Information
COVID-19 Information
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COVID-19 weekly update for August 3.

There have been no reported COVID-19 deaths in the last week in Montrose or Delta counties, but there were 31 cases in Montrose and 17 cases in Delta. 

Those case numbers lead to a cumulative incidence rate for Montrose and Delta in the “high” region. However, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s own graphics show a “very high” incidence rate over the same period of time, so I’ve been in contact with them about the discrepancy, and I’ll be sure to report back here with any new information. 

Either way, both numbers put Montrose and Delta counties in the “high” region or above. These labels come from the state. 

Additionally, as of July 11, nearly all of the reported cases of COVID-19 in Colorado were the Delta variant.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. 

AUGUSTA liked 7 days ago

Montrose and Delta both have “very high” COVID-19 incidence rate, but both also show a sustained decline in hospitalizations.

For this week’s COVID-19 update, I was able to dive into the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s open data for some more specific information on Montrose and Delta counties.

In the last week, Montrose and Delta counties have both had a positivity rate of about 4 percent, with Montrose reporting 43 cases and Delta reporting 35.

That makes for a cumulative incidence rate of 100.5 for Montrose and 112.2 for Delta, both of which Colorado considers “very high.” When looking at these numbers, it’s important to note how cumulative incidence is calculated. It’s the number of cases per 100,000 people in the last week. However, the Montrose and Delta county populations are well below 100,000 people, which is why the actual number of cases is much lower than the cumulative incidence rate. This statistic helps us compare COVID-19 rates across different-sized counties, but can be misleading if taken out of context.

In the past week, no one has died from COVID-19 in Delta County, and one death occurred in Montrose County. In the whole month of July, however, three deaths in each county can be attributed to COVID-19, making for a death rate of a little over 1%.

As for variant-specific information, the health department does not report daily or weekly variant data at the county level, but Montrose County has had 17 total Delta variant cases as of yesterday, and Delta County has had 15 total Delta variant cases.

The vaccination rates have not changed much, with... (More)

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Is it true that the majority of nursing staff at MMH are not vaccinated against Covid19? How many have been diagnosed with the disease?

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Covid -19 Pandemic Wave # 4

Since the Covid -19 Pandemic Wave # 4 is starting to negatively affect us - we need to be aware of how the Covid - 19  variants are spreading...

I welcome the weekly Covid - 19 information  updates.