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COVID-19 Information
COVID-19 Information
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How a user can solve the Google servers down the issue

If you are facing issues with your Google account and your Google servers down then you first need to uninstall the Google application and again try to Re-install the application. If users still facing the same issue then they need to disable two-step authentication. If your Google servers still down then you can contact us. 

Ian replied 4 days ago

Governor turns the COVID controls to local government.

Here's a story from Colorado Newsline regarding the Governor turning over COVID controls to local municipalities. I believe this should have been done from the beginning. What are your thoughts?

Josue replied 23 days ago

Do you have a vaccine plan yet? If you're eligible, you may not be waiting much longer. Vaccine shipments are arriving in Montrose, and the shipments are larger each day.

Montrose has gone from administering a few hundred vaccines a week, just a few weeks ago, to now administering almost 3,000 vaccines over three days. 

You can access Montrose County data here for the latest updates, and check out this article in today's Daily Press by Katharhynn Heidelberg to learn more. 

What are your biggest questions about the vaccine?