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Josue liked 5 months ago

Creativity Slump during Quarantine

Last night, I had was part of a video chat with some of my friends in the sewing community. We talked about how the last year had affected our productivity with creative projects and how despite having more time at home, we have all suffered from being unmotivated to work on our creative projects. 

Prior to March last year, we as a group would work on sewing projects together for competitions or contests that gave us deadlines. Without these events to showcase our work, it has felt a little like the wind had gone out of our sails. 

How do artists and crafts people who are hobbyists stay motivated without deadlines?   

Kelsey updated 6 months ago

When life inspires art ... Calling all creatives, cowboy poets, painters, you name it!

I recently came across “Bendición del Agua” (A Prayer for Water) by the 25-year-old Taos-based writer, farmer and water rights activist Olivia Romo. Her family has farmed corn for many generations, and relies on one of New Mexico's acequias -- community water ditches -- for irrigation. As we all know, water is a big topic of conversation in Montrose, which is probably why Ms. Romo's piece packed such a punch for me. 

Do we have any artists here who are creating original work around local community issues?