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Dark Skies
Dark Skies
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Zoe liked 15 days ago

Costs of dark sky compliant lighting


There was no cost difference between the 2700 Kelvin LEDS (golden) that DMEA installed in Paonia and a 4000 Kelvin standard LED (blue-white).  The latter color is common in Montrose and is considered outdated now with respect to dark skies.

There may have been an additional cost associated with the shielding that Paonia used, but the difference in Color Temperature was zero.



Bryan replied 2 months ago

Montrose Lighting Ordinance

Here is a link to the Montrose Lighting ordinance (dated 2013)

The most pertinent sections are 4-13-3 - Standards and 4-13-5 - Lighting plan required 







C. liked 2 months ago

Night images around Montrose

Great picture at Black Canyon by Carl Bostek in the Forum section of Daily Press for May 15-16!

I hope you can open this!


Josue liked a reply 3 months ago

Heavy bird migration the next few nights.

  "The easiest way you can help is by turning off your lights by midnight from now until May and shielding outdoor lights to prevent light from being emitted upwards. There are also ways you can make a bigger impact, such as by contacting your local government. "