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Dark Skies
Dark Skies
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Steven replied 21 hours ago

Dark skies wish list

So there's been some discussion and plenty of resources that have been passed along on this group in the past few days. 

I'm curious, what's on everyone's wish list? Someone mentioned a dark skies initiative. What would you like to see in any initiative and some goals or aspirations to come out of it? 

Others have mentioned more enforcement of lighting codes. What kinds of benefits could there be if there was more of that enforcement? How could it help others understand better if they have a different belief on the topic? 

And, is there anything you hope to learn more about regarding dark skies? What are some things you've learned over the years about the topic that stand out to you? 


C. replied 9 days ago

Astrophotography at Great Sand Dunes NP

Just an FYI, I went to Great Sand Dunes NP a few days ago hoping to do some night sky photography.  What I found was an incredible amount of light pollution, so much that I didn't even try.  Black Canyon is a much better location for astrophotography.

Josue liked 15 days ago

Tips on changing YOUR lights

Paonia has been working toward Dark Sky Community designation.  In the process, they worked with DMEA to inventory and replace (eventually) all the streetlights with Dark Sky compliant lights.  There is no technology barrier to using better lights for mitigating light pollution.  I have less information about the cost.  Perhaps Aaron Watson has info for Paonia.



Josue replied 9 days ago

What is being done to promote “Dark Skies “ in Montrose?