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A place to discuss all matters related to Montrose County School District and education in general. 

Justin liked a month ago

Some 3rd graders have ideas for the new mascot

A 3rd grade classroom at Oak Grove Elementary brainstormed their ideas for a new mascot for Montrose High School. The class first researched animals on the Western Slope before they decided on their favorites.

“It was really fun for them to be part of the process, and it really made them feel important and like their opinions mattered,” classroom teacher Janet Cary said. “That was just really neat for the kids.”

Third graders in Janet Cary's class at Oak Grove Elementary proposed their ideas for the new high school mascot. 
Third graders in Janet Cary's class at Oak Grove Elementary proposed their ideas for the new high school mascot. 

The students wrote letters and designed t-shirts to send to the MHS mascot committee, which is meeting for the second time tonight. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the letters: 

"Black bears are impressive climbers. And black bears have great senses." –Leo 

"Foxes are very fast like the football team or the baseball team. Next, foxes are smart like most of the teams." –Evellen 

"I think it should be a mountain lion. They are fast runners and also they like to eat." –Oliver 

What do you think about the students' suggestions? Should the new mascot be an animal on the Western Slope?

Cassie liked a month ago

Outer Range is open!

A full-length story is coming in tomorrow's paper, but I attended the opening ceremony of Outer Range, the school district's new outdoor learning center last night. Dozens of community members braved the cold drizzle to explore the new campus, sip hot chocolate and roast s'mores. 

There are a variety of programs for all ages planned in the upcoming months and a forest preschool is slated to open next fall. Long-term plans for the site involve a full preK-12 outdoor school, but the site will still be accessible to all Montrose students.

This project is really cool and something that would have interested me when I was a kid. What do you think about the project? If you have kids, do you want to get them involved here? Let me know what you think! 

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What should the new mascot be? Now's your time to share your thoughts!

The first mascot sub-committees met for the first time on Tuesday night to discuss the qualities that the next mascots for Centennial Middle School and Montrose High School should embody. If you know somebody on the committee, you can share your ideas with them — they'll report back to their groups when they meet again in two weeks. But if you have ideas and you want to make sure they're considered, send an email to the district's public information officer, Matt Jenkins (, MHS Principal Jim Barnhill ( or Centennial Principal Joe Simo (

NABURs, what do you think? I've heard ideas floating around about birds (how about the raptors, eagles or falcons?) or honoring the historic landscape of the Western Slope (farmers, dinosaurs, canyons). 

Rachel liked a reply a month ago

MCSD pushing back against Johnson Elementary mascot change. What are your thoughts? Do you think MCSD is making the right call?

The school district has been working towards planning the mascot changes for Montrose High and Centennial Middle, but a letter from the state told the district that Johnson Elementary, whose mascot is the Thunderbirds, needs to be changed as well. 

In response, the district sent its own letter contesting the change, Staff Writer Anna Lynn Winfrey reports. 

Superintendent Carrie Stephenson argued that changing the Thunderbird mascot does not align with requirements specified in the new law, as the thunderbird is a multicultural mythical creature that is not a dehumanizing depiction of Native American people. She also argued that changing the mascot would be too expensive. 

Thunderbirds are primarily associated with Native American culture, but mythical birds certainly are represented in other cultures as well. 

What do you think about the district's decision? And what do you make of the state making this request?