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A place to discuss all matters related to Montrose County School District and education in general. 

Michael liked 14 days ago

The mascot change will cost considerable money, but the district has yet to secure funding. What do you think about the cost?

The original bill that required the removal of Native American mascots mentioned that schools could secure funding through the state’s BEST program, but the way that funding is prioritized under that program makes actually securing the funding hard. As a result, Governor Polis has mentioned establishing other methods of funding besides the BEST grants, but he’s yet to announce what those will look like. MCSD will still be applying for a BEST grant in the meantime. 

For changing both Centennial Middle School’s and Montrose High School’s mascots, the cost estimates are currently around $900,000. Still, the district is moving forward and hopes to find new mascot names even as the financial details get sorted out. 

Sean updated a month ago

Enrollment has gone up since last year’s drop. Do you think this trend will continue? Or are some alternative schooling methods going to stick around?

The number of newly enrolled students is still down from fall 2019, but it’s bounced back from the low in 2020. The Montrose Daily Press previously reported that homeschooling could be one of the reasons for the drop in 2020, but students switching from homeschooling only accounted for a fourth of the new students, with most coming from out of state or from other public schools in Colorado, and some from private schools in the area.

Check out Anna Lynn Winfrey’s breakdown of the data for more context. 

Do you think this upward trend will continue? Do you think some alternative schooling methods like homeschooling will be more prevalent post-pandemic?

Sean updated a month ago

Colorado test scores have gone down. Why do you think that is? And what’s your opinion on standardized testing?

State-level CMAS scores were released today, and they’re lower than past years, confirming once again that the pandemic has had a measurable impact on learning, or at least on testing. 

CMAS tests were cancelled in 2020, so these scores are a comparison to 2019. High school students don’t take the CMAS tests, but upperclassmen do take the SAT, which also released state-level scores today. However, thousands of universities have stopped requiring SAT score submissions during the pandemic, and many are expected to keep that practice in place. 

Read Anna Lynn Winfrey’s full article to learn more about how SAT test results have changed from 2019 and the racial disparities that still exist in SAT testing in Colorado. 

Why do you think that test scores are lower now? What specifically do you think has affected learning? Also, taking a year from testing begs the question: how essential is it? Are some colleges right to get rid of their SAT requirement?


What should an outdoor education center in Montrose look like?

Montrose County School District is hosting multiple feedback sessions for K-12 students on a new outdoor education center next to their office. The next feedback sessions will take place August 11 and August 28.

The idea for an ADA accessible space for outdoor learning originally came from an application for a RISE Grant from the state, but the district was not chosen as a recipient. Still, they're going forward with the plan regardless and received some funding from another source. 

Because the feedback sessions are specifically for students, I wanted to ask here: What do you think of outdoor education in Montrose? Is it worth the investment from the district? Do you think there's benefit to be gained from learning outside?