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Ian liked a reply 2 days ago

Must dial 970 starting later this year...

@Josue Perez  wrote a story that published today about the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number. Read about it here. It's a good thing, as the current number for the Lifeline is quite lengthy (it's being changed to 988). 

But with that, some area codes are affected. The 970 area code is one of them. Essentially, moving forward, folks dialing within that area code (and several others around the country) will have to dial all 10 digits rather than just the seven. 

I've been on a cell phone forever, and I've moved around a lot. I haven't owned a house phone once in my adult life, so I've always been accustomed to dialing 10 digits. Do any of you dial without the area code? And will the change be tough for you?

Josue liked a reply 15 days ago

Montrose Urban Renewal Authority meeting 4/7/2021

Today, I had the opportunity to join the Montrose Urban Renewal Authority meeting via ZOOM. The focus of the meeting was the consideration of the Colorado Yurt Company Business Expansion Project.  A lively discussion by the members of the Board of Commissioners followed the presentation made by John Gibson, owner of Colorado Yurt Company. A Development Agreement & a Tax Increment Financing Anticipatory Loan were considered by the members for construction of horizontal site improvements associated with the Colorado Yurt Company HQ at Colorado Outdoors. With only one vote against the consideration - the Montrose Urban Renewal Authority Board members approved the Development Agreement & the Tax Increment Financing Anticipatory Loan. It is very encouraging to know that the Montrose Urban Renewal Authority is taking action to support local business development.  

Josue liked a reply a month ago

legal rights for agri, workers

The legislature is considering a bill to extend minimum wage rules (and perhaps other regulations too) to agri. workers. Organizations which represent the interests of owners of agri. operations oppose the bill on the grounds that many owners\operators are running on such thin profit margins that they can not afford such requirements, Since agri. is such an important part of our local industrial base, do we all not have a vital interest in how the local agri. workforce lives or leaves? If the economics do not provide a life sustaining share for the hired workers, does not the rest of the community end up having to use tax money to help the workers stay alive? Is that not a subsidy to the owner\operators?

Cassie liked a reply 8 days ago

Lengthy closures in store for Little Blue Creek Canyon Project

Set to begin April 1, the Little Blue Creek Canyon project will require lengthy closures as construction begins between mile markers 123 and 127, 30 miles east of Montrose and 30 miles west of Gunnison, to repair and upgrade the highway, addressing safety concerns. 

The extensive closures have sparked concerns among affected residents and local political leaders. With the road open for short access windows, there's worry businesses, the ability to offer medical care and access to homes and supplies will be impacted considerably. 

The traffic impacts are scheduled to last through Nov. 2022. 

What concerns do you have with the project? Do you feel the road should be open eight hours a day, rather than the scheduled five?