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A place for local musicians and music lovers to coordinate and get together, make announcements, and let the community know about upcoming live music events.

C. replied 21 hours ago

Precedence Upstairs

I went to a blues/jazz performance there last night and it was quite enjoyable.  It's an intimate venue with a bar.  In addition to the stage side of the place, there is a separate "library" set up for social interaction.  According to Michelle, there will be performance every Friday night at 7 pm, but they will open at 4 pm so people can gather, jam, talk, etc.  

Precedence Upstairs is a pretty new venture for downtown Montrose and is still developing.  On the 20th they're featuring Big Band music.  Check out their website: for more info and upcoming events.


Sunday session 3 to 5 tomorrow

Thanks for the RSVPs I've rec'd! :)  Any new additions, pse let me know so I can set up adequately.


C. replied 8 days ago

Senior Center Sessions Resume today


Mondays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Montrose Senior Center Crafts Room

Join us if you play an acoustic instrument and/or sing!

This is a casual group that you can attend as your time

permits. Each person gets a turn to pick and lead a song,

and others play along. Call Cindy at 970-252-4884 if you

have questions. Spectators who enjoy listening to music

are also welcome to attend.


Moab Folk Camp Update

For anyone interested in attending this year, here's the latest update from Cosy:

Here’s some of the things we are considering in moving forward with having camp. Camp will be smaller – with 40 campers and 10 staff. If things open up later, we can increase our numbers. All campers must be vaccinated and masks will be required in some situations (classes inside in smaller rooms). This may change by October.

If we hold camp this year, we will plan to have all classes at the Moab Arts & Recreation Center (the MARC), where there are two large, well ventilated rooms (and one smaller one) for classes. If the weather is good we can have some classes outdoors.

We will not be using the cottages where our gatherings were pretty crowded, and we will not be preparing a group meal (although plans will be made for group gatherings where everyone brings their own food). Given all this, the camp experience will be a bit different, but we are doing our best to be sure all are safe; we do not want to create an event that might contribute to anyone contracting the virus.

We will announce our final decision about camp on July 1. If we decide to have camp, registration will open on July 2. Acceptance to camp will be first come-first served. (procrastinators are on notice!)

If you are thinking of attending camp, you might consider reserving a hotel room (or AirBnB) now, which could be cancelled if... (More)