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A place for local musicians and music lovers to coordinate and get together, make announcements, and let the community know about upcoming live music events.

Quinanne11 liked a year ago

Precedence Upstairs

I went to a blues/jazz performance there last night and it was quite enjoyable.  It's an intimate venue with a bar.  In addition to the stage side of the place, there is a separate "library" set up for social interaction.  According to Michelle, there will be performance every Friday night at 7 pm, but they will open at 4 pm so people can gather, jam, talk, etc.  

Precedence Upstairs is a pretty new venture for downtown Montrose and is still developing.  On the 20th they're featuring Big Band music.  Check out their website: for more info and upcoming events.

Josue replied a year ago

Sunday session 3 to 5 tomorrow

Thanks for the RSVPs I've rec'd! :)  Any new additions, pse let me know so I can set up adequately.


C. replied a year ago

Senior Center Sessions Resume today


Mondays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Montrose Senior Center Crafts Room

Join us if you play an acoustic instrument and/or sing!

This is a casual group that you can attend as your time

permits. Each person gets a turn to pick and lead a song,

and others play along. Call Cindy at 970-252-4884 if you

have questions. Spectators who enjoy listening to music

are also welcome to attend.


Live events/jam sessions

What live events has everyone been to recently? Or what's some music you've been playing when getting together for sessions?