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A public discussion board for letters to the editor published in the "Your View" section of the Montrose Daily Press Opinion pages.

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The timing could not be worse

Fact: In western Colorado our vaccination rate is too low to stop the new corona variant. That’s bad news.

Schools are set to open soon. Large concentrations of vulnerable kids make easy targets. Parents and teachers know schools are indeed “germ factories.” Virus spread seems certain. Importantly, more infected hosts means more time and opportunity for wider spread and a mutation into something far worse.

But, there may be hope.

Some researchers predict the delta variant will peak toward the end of September. If correct, delaying school by a month or so could help mitigate. Why not treat the virus like the natural disaster it is. Delay opening until the storm hopefully subsides.

Sadly, some also oppose mask-wearing. Thus, a more doable and effective step may be delay school opening. After all, which is more important, the schedule or the safety of kids, their families and our community?

Larry Heath



Blue Mesa Reservoir recovery

The Colorado River Compact signed in 1922 was the work of many hours of forward-thinking men representing the several states affected by the river. Even in the early 1920s they could see the impact of taming the wild, raging, flooding Colorado River.

Economic value in life sustaining food production, hydroelectric power generation, as well as unforeseen industries were the goals of the compact. The compact was the teeth needed to get federal help in controlling the river.

Hoover Dam was a dream, completed in 1931!

Many storage projects followed, with one of the last the Ridgeway Reservoir Dam in 1987. The purpose was to develop a consistent supply of water throughout the growing season, provide affordable electric power for homes and industry and to control flooding along the course of the river and its tributaries.

Recreational use such as fishing and boating were a byproduct of the construction of the storage system. It became a contributing factor to several local economies. The reservoirs were designed large enough to store water in heavy wet years and to share water in drought years. It has taken almost 100 years to see the latter take place.

Climate change does not mean climate stop.

There will be winters in the future, supplying water to the storage units along the Colorado River.

The rate of return to normal storage may be less than we expect, however allowing the system to work the way the early engineers designed it seems cruel to those in our home... (More)

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A response to Ed Henrie

I am writing regarding one of your frequent “Letter to the Editor” contributors, Mr. Ed Henrie. He thinks it is acceptable to attack any other opinion writer that he disagrees with and to spew absolute nonsense and outright lies.

He has the audacity to blame Democrats for trying to destroy our country by accusing them of everything that the previous administration was guilty of.

He merely parrots the limited and myopic worldviews of his disgraced hero and the right wing media. He apparently believes that what happened in Washington on January 6 was acceptable. Nonsense!

If a Democratic president would have done what Trump did on Jan. 6, Mr. Henrie would be the first person calling for his head.

Let me tell you what is destroying this country — blatant lies and the people who are willing to accept them and repeat them.

Ron Sobieck

Montrose, CO


More thoughts on the mascot change

It is so sad that Montrose has to change its mascot. Governor Jared Polis signed a bill to make this happen. Now the Montrose administration and the community has to come up with a new mascot by the fall of 2023. This is going to be very expensive to replace uniforms and many other items. I hope they come up with a good new mascot.

The bill titled “Prohibit American Indian Mascots” bars the use of Native mascots by public schools, including charter and institute schools, as well as public institutions of higher institutions.

Public schools that continue to use a Native mascot after June 1 2022 would be subject to a monthly fine of $25,000, payable to the state education fund. But the fine would not apply to schools that have an agreement dated prior to June 30 of this year with a recognized tribe.

In addition, I would like to thank the boy and girl athletes, Lyle Wright, Jim Barnhill, Matt Jenkins, Heidi Voehringer and all the Montrose coaches for the respect I get from them.

During the basketball season, only 50 fans were allowed and mostly family members. I got to go to two games thanks to Coach Voehringer and Luke Hutto.

Thank you!

Tom Hoganson