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A public discussion board for letters to the editor published in the "Your View" section of the Montrose Daily Press Opinion pages.

Sean replied 2 days ago

My son is the boy featured in the Oktoberfest picture of the two kids dancing from last year.

And it warms my heart every time I see it. Would anybody know how, or if, I can get a high resolution of the picture/s?


Political Hyperbole

Political hyperbole  is more than slogan-eering. It seems to be intentionally misleading, confusing. Unfortunately we are getting used to it as politicos across the spectrum increasingly engage in the practice as time passes. Recently I noticed a real gem on a political poster for Kevin Kunis; touting, "FREEDOM FOR ALL". What, exactly, does this mean? It brings to mind a similarly strange sign at a store at the north end of Ouray which reads, "ALL ARE WELCOME HERE". What does this mean? Are there persons who are not "free" or to whom the  Constitution does not apply? Certainly not. Are there places in Ouray where some people are not welcome? For both cases: who might those un-free and unwelcome people be?


What about dry-cleaning?

If we halt all exploration for and extraction of fossil fuels, how will we get our clothes dry cleaned?

Rick Bleier



Rackay’s columns are top-notch

I just finished reading Mark Rackay’s article on “The jumping mouse is a rare breed.”

I look forward to his article each week and have decided Mark is also a rare breed with his sense of humor, and his extensive knowledge and interesting details he shares with his readers.

It’s such a joy to read and learn something new I have never even heard of before versus all the serious politics, COVID statistics, etc.

We all need more good and interesting news along with a sense of humor in this far too serious time.

Thank you, Mark.

Deidra Manary