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A public discussion board for letters to the editor published in the "Your View" section of the Montrose Daily Press Opinion pages.

Dave replied 3 days ago

Bluegrass is also water-hungry

This is a belated response to the reader who was concerned about excessive water usage and new water parks in Phoenix. I agree that this might not be the best use of water in prolonged drought years, but let’s look in our own backyards at a huge water hog that affects all beings downstream — bluegrass! Those pretty green oceans of lawn are not sustainable or earth friendly because of their huge need for water and also because they are fossil fuel hogs.

Bluegrass is a cool season grass that thrives in spring and fall but needs 44 inches of water a year, and here we get 8. To make it survive our hot summers it must be irrigated frequently and fertilized with fossil fuel fertilizers. Lawn chemicals are petroleum products that take energy to make and they never disappear. They become water pollutants all the way downstream.

We feed it to keep it green and growing and then — guess what? It needs to be mowed. With a high-polluting lawn mower engine that runs on fossil fuels.

Leaving the clippings on the lawn helps feed the new grass blades. Composting or using the clippings as mulch is good, depending on the chemical load they carry. Dumping the clippings into a single use plastic (fossil fuel) bag and dumping it in the trash makes a stinky mess in the landfill and probably contributes to the methane load in the dump. Hauling it to a composting facility costs money and more... (More)


Fed up with disrespect

We’re fed up. Fed up with the rampant disrespect that has become a nasty disease of pandemic proportions in election campaigns over the last few years. Fed up with the negative rhetoric. Fed up with the allegations of corruption. Fed up with the holier than thou moral stance.

Publishers of the vile allegations are all too often the guilty party, attempting to cover personal flaws. Supporters and handlers are often blinded by a feverish desire to win over the necessity to display the statesmanlike integrity our nation is severely lacking.

We are expected to vote for a candidate who professes to possess the higher ground while denigrating the very soul of an opponent. As a human race, no one is perfect, but it seems unfathomable that we can be gaslighted to elect someone who intentionally spreads negativity rather than touting their own merits to succeed.

Good families teach respect; that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Kindness and courtesy are paramount for any society to thrive. We are concerned for our nation. Love of our fellow man and our country seems to be lost down a hollow hole of hatred.

It’s becoming apparent that any legislator or would-be legislator at any level that postulates a hate ridden, negative campaign should be given a wide berth.

That pretty snake in the grass, may possess the venom that poisons us.

Think twice, because you only get one vote And we, together, have only have one nation and... (More)


A word about open primaries

It is quite obvious that Michael Martin is a very dedicated, far-right leaning Republican from all of his letters to the editor blasting the Democrats for all the ails of the country. It is also obvious from his letter published in the April 23 edition of the Montrose Daily Press that he must have received a very poor or even failing grade in his Civics 101 class.

Mr. Martin states that Don Coram “is relying on Democrats to help him get on the ballot and replace Boebert as the Republican candidate for the November election. This is because of Colorado’s open primary law which allows anyone to vote in the primary of any political party.”

If Mr. Martin would have been paying attention in his Civics 101 class, he would have learned that registered Republicans only receive the Republican primary ballot; registered Democrats only receive the Democratic primary ballot and those registered as unaffiliated receive both the Republican and Democratic ballots but must choose only one ballot to complete.

So, if Mr. Martin thinks that the Democrats are going to assist in getting Don Coram to win the primary election in June, those Democrats are going to be required to change their party affiliation no later than June 6 in order to receive a ballot different from the Democratic one.

Mr. Martin concludes his letter by stating that Lauren Boebert will not vote with the Democrats on many crucial issues. That really has been a problem for the past year... (More)

Your updated a month ago

Democrats are hijacking primary to boost Coram

Amen to Ed Henrie’s recent letters to the MDP! Having just returned from the Republican Assembly in Colorado Springs, I can verify the sentiments of Henrie and the majority of state Republicans regarding Lauren Boebert and Don Coram.

Boebert received prolonged standing ovations when she spoke in support of conservative values. Where was Don Coram? Lacking the courage to publicly face Boebert, or the majority of statewide Republicans, he was nowhere to be seen. Rather than participate in an open assembly of 4,000 statewide Republicans to choose who will be on our primary ballot in June, he is relying on Democrats to help him get on the ballot and replace Boebert as the Republican candidate for the November election.

This is because of Colorado’s open primary law which allows anyone to vote in the primary of any political party. This law is absurd when viewed from the perspective of honestly allowing the members of a political party to choose their own candidates. There is no logically honest reason for allowing Democrats to vote in a Republican primary or vice-versa.

However, if a person like Coram, who cannot garner enough support from the majority of Republicans, wants to get on the ballot, he can gather the measly 1,563 petition votes he submitted and get on the ballot anyway. Then with the open primary law, Democrats can invade the Republican primary and help chose Coram as the Republican candidate for the November election.

Why would they do this? Because Coram will be... (More)