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A public discussion board for letters to the editor published in the "Your View" section of the Montrose Daily Press Opinion pages.


Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

Let’s all make sure we don’t drink the Kool-Aid (the poisoned drink —Flavor-Ade — of the 1970s guru Jim Jones in the jungles of Guyana). As columnist Diane Carman pointed out in her Nov. 10 MDP article, we don’t have to be addicted to outrage.

The mesmerism of hysteria is not only destructive, but blinding, as was Jones’ hypnotic influence. The message here is not to allow demagogues to paint the scene for you and be “addicted to outrage”, such as emphasized in the “Let’s Go Brandon” hype.

Wayne Quade



Say thank you — and think of others during COVID

As a child, I was taught to do my part, to be responsible: take the garbage out, feed the dog, clean my room, do my homework. I was taught to say please and thank you, excuse me, I’m sorry.

These simple lessons helped me become a responsible adult contributing to my community: as a public educator, community organizer, offering leadership at my church, volunteering at nature reserves and mentoring young people.

I show up for my family, keep the weeds pulled in my yard and put my shopping cart away. Doing my part creates a place for me, allows me to belong.

Early in the morning, Nov. 8, I ended up at the Montrose Regional Hospital emergency room with COVID.

The nurses and doctors were kind, attentive and their sole purpose was to help me feel better. They ran tests and treated me accordingly. They listened and took time to answer my questions. Clearly, they have each learned some of the same childhood lessons.

I made a point to thank each nurse and each doctor for taking care of me, and for taking care of all those in COVID distress across the past 20 months. I am just one of so many. Each and every one of them stopped, looked at me, seemed to take a breath and said, “Thank you for saying that. We don’t hear it very often.”

How can that be? Instead, sometimes, after doing their work to help someone breathe easier, they have been harassed, even... (More)

John replied 6 days ago

Get vaccinated for the community

A huge shoutout, and thank you, to the Montrose Daily Press and staff for your continuing front page coverage of the pathetic and absurd response from the Montrose general populace regarding their cognizance of this continuing and escalating deadly virus. The rates of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are now at record levels, and show no sign of slowing down. The rates of vaccinations here on the Western Slope are abysmal. Unfortunately, it’s a sorry reflection of the lack of consideration and respect shown towards your family, and your fellow community members, who are at risk from this contagious virus.

Wake up! It’s not exclusively about you, but about those of us who you may infect.

Fine, you got a death wish. Try and not kill some of the rest of us along with you.

Robert Melzer



We care for each other in Montrose

We live in a wonderful community. We are living through a time of great turmoil so finding things to be grateful for are often over looked. Recently I took on a plumbing project with the help of the local hardware store. This project required many trips to the store. The help I received was invaluable, patient and kind. The nearby grocery store greeted customers in a warm familiar fashion paying extra attention to the elderly. I believe our small town community values of caring for one another are still present and the service I had reflected this. We are growing in size but let us as a community keep our values.

Tammy Blennis