With regard to the recent Montrose Press article about the new Montrose County Republican Party Chairman, I'd like to address the quote by Ray Langston written in the piece and point out that nearly everything Ray said was correct. When it comes to publically sharing opinions, in this area of the country, there seems to be a need for "folks" to always add a snide, snarky, cutting remark at the end of most statements regarding opposition. This communication style appears to be the status quo in Western Colorado political speech, and I believe such lack of sophistication and professionalism is part of what keeps our area oppressed in the political arena. While I stand firm on the belief that political correctness has absolutely no place in the arena of political ideas, neither does the exhibition of an utter lack of proactive, mature, motivating social skills that becomes apparent when name calling is the most often used form of defense for the party's platform. Here's to always taking the higher road over our political opponents - winning by doing better as citizens who righteously claim the American moral high grounds!