Griswold came to the newsroom last week and spoke with reporter Cassie Knust to discuss election security and voting access, including the lawsuit to remove Mesa County’s clerk and recorder following a protocol breach in May. 

Griswold also spoke about her recently denied request for personal security that would be funded by a political action committee. Griswold made the request after receiving repeated death threats on social media. The Ethics Commission unanimously decided that the state would have to pay for any such security rather than a PAC. 

Griswold said she’s in talks with legislators for a bill next year related to personal security, and emphasized the increased danger that female secretaries and elected officials face with regard to threats of violence:

As for election security, Griswold gave a dual answer -- she wants to both increase access and refine security. It remains to be seen exactly what that means, but the secretary promised a big legislative agenda that has not been announced yet. Previously, Griswold worked to guarantee access to either a drop box or voting center on all public universities and tribal lands, and started an automatic voter registration program.

What do you think about the secretary’s words? What kinds of issues are important to you when you think about election security and voting access? Are you happy with Secretary Griswold’s performance since her installment in 2019?