State-level CMAS scores were released today, and they’re lower than past years, confirming once again that the pandemic has had a measurable impact on learning, or at least on testing. 

CMAS tests were cancelled in 2020, so these scores are a comparison to 2019. High school students don’t take the CMAS tests, but upperclassmen do take the SAT, which also released state-level scores today. However, thousands of universities have stopped requiring SAT score submissions during the pandemic, and many are expected to keep that practice in place. 

Read Anna Lynn Winfrey’s full article to learn more about how SAT test results have changed from 2019 and the racial disparities that still exist in SAT testing in Colorado. 

Why do you think that test scores are lower now? What specifically do you think has affected learning? Also, taking a year from testing begs the question: how essential is it? Are some colleges right to get rid of their SAT requirement?