I am saddened by people demanding their approach to problems be the only answer rather than looking for a compromise that will meet some of everyone’s needs. It seem we are fixated on getting what we want rather than looking at the needs of the whole of the country. We have seen gerrymandering to make votes go to one party or the other, rather than just doing it along sensible lines. What has happened to listening and compromising? Why does it always have to be a one way street to solve a problem?

It doesn’t make you a bad person if you work with someone from another belief, party or group to come up with a solution that needs some of the needs for everyone. I remember when I was in business, we had to state the other person’s position before we could state our own. We would use sentences like, “I hear you saying this.” That took the temperature of the discussion down and everyone worked to understand the other side of the discussion. Now we are making decisions based on our political affiliation and not on what is best for the country, state or county.

If we move to an authoritarian country, there will be no way back for anyone. People love the United States and its diversity — think about that when you demand only your position on a problem or situation. It is not you or me. It is us.

Gayle Johnson