My colleague @Anna Lynn Winfrey and I took a work trip yesterday to the site of the Hartman Bros. fire. We wanted to capture some pictures and speak with local business owners and bystanders who witnessed or heard of the incident. 

I wrote about a handful of different accounts people shared with me, and @Katharhynn Heidelberg captured how different agencies handled the response and more. 

After seeing the aftermath, and speaking with residents nearby, you just have to tip your cap to local first responders, who worked to contain the fire to the welding and supply store building. 

It was strange to hear how people felt their homes and businesses shake. People were evacuated and had to steer clear of the site for at least four blocks. All of this was occurring in downtown Montrose, one of the most loved parts of this city. 

The site itself was practically destroyed. I drive by Hartman Bros. every day, so to see the welding and supply store in shambles was sort of a shock. You don't think about such an incident happening here, but it can and did. 

As we left, firefighters continued to tame smoldering areas within the site of the fire. Their response, including that of other agencies, has been a massive lift for the community and those affected.