My family raises sustainably and ethically raised, grass-fed and finished beef cattle. We take a lot of pride in raising healthy and happy cows. So being a beef provider, several people have asked me about my opinion on the Governor's Meat Out Day. 

As a beef provider, I will alway encourage people to buy beef. However, above providing healthy and better tasting beef, my main goal as a farmer is to be a food educator. I want to encourage people to learn where their food comes from and how to support local producers. When you shop local for meat and other produce, you help small business, you gain a better tasting product, and you also cut down on greenhouse gases uses to transport that product to you. 

I also believe that people should be able to make choices about their eating habits and education about vegetarian and vegan diets can be beneficial for everyone, even when you don't personally participate. 

From my perspective, I don't believe one day without meat is going to hurt the meat industry. However, I do hope it presents opportunities for food education and discussion about where your meat comes from. Being more aware of what your eating is never a bad thing. 

Do you plan to participate in Meat-Out Day?  Why or why not?