Over the past month, we've been discussing and analyzing the housing market (and housing concerns) in Montrose and the Western Slope on our local interview series and podcast, Mo-Town Knows

It's a lot to fit in one episode though, so we've broken up the topic into three distinct parts. 

The third and final part, above, featured developer Matt Miles, a Colorado demographer and a city planner to talk about the future growth of Montrose and how housing fits into that plan. If you have any questions, please share in the comments.

The second part shown below, focused explicitly on housing insecurity and the broader housing crisis.This is a topic that has been covered extensively in Colorado, but it's usually focused on the Front Range rather than the Western Slope, and very rarely with an eye directly toward Montrose. It was hosted by reporter @Anna Lynn Winfrey .

The first part was a basic breakdown of the current Montrose real estate market through the eyes of local realtor Jeff Keehfuss. It was hosted by reporter @Josue Perez .


In the spirit of NABUR, we want these conversations to be guided by community input -- Do you have any questions about the housing market, or concerns about affordable housing and development? Share in the comments on this post.