Hey y'all! Today is the last day to cast your vote in this year's election. Voters in Montrose are deciding on the future of the school board and are also weighing in on 3 statewide ballot issues. 

We'll see what voter turnout for this election will be like. Candidates have raised an unprecedented amount of money in this race, but less than half of registered voters in Montrose have participated in odd-year elections over the past decade or so. Montrose County Clerk & Recorder Tressa Guynes shared the latest numbers with me this morning — the county has received 37% of ballots so far, so make sure you take care of your ballot if you haven't yet! 

If you still need to drop off your ballot, you can do so at the secure lockbox in front of the county courthouse. Also, if you lost your ballot, you can vote in-person at the courthouse until 7 p.m. tonight. 

I'll be reporting from the county courthouse tonight on the latest results, but you can also keep tabs on the latest numbers here! The counts will start coming in after the polls officially close.