Montrose County election officials are moving forward with a required recount in the District F school board election, which will need to be completed before the end of the day on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Kelley's opponent, Dawn Schieldt, is the only "conservative slate" candidate still technically in the race, with her two running mates losing to Alice Murphy and Sarah Fishering. 

Per Staff Writer Anna Lynn Winfrey's reporting: "MCSD has approximately $20,000 budgeted for election-related costs, but it is unclear how much money has been spent in this election cycle so far." The county clerk isn't certain how much a recount will cost just yet. 

Unlike the other five candidates, Eric Kelley did not engage in any campaigning because he objected to spending money on a non-partisan, volunteer position.

What do you think about the recount? Are you hoping for a different result?