Hey NABURs! I wanted to share an interesting article I read this morning in the Colorado Sun about the Sun Temple, which archeologists think might have been an ancient observatory. 

I initially expected this article to be focused on an archeological discovery, but it's actually a fascinating story of a clash between Native Americans and archeology communities. Here's a quote that best captures that conflict: 

"A lot of the tribal members we consult with will tell us they know what these places were used for, what they mean,” Dickey said. “But they say it’s not for us to know. These are private, sacred things. Our insatiable curiosity is disrespectful to them. As scientists, we want to know everything. We want to dig until we find the answers. But sometimes, we have to learn to let go.”

Have you seen the Pueblo sites in Mesa Verde? What do you think of situations like these, where scientists goals' are at odds with cultural or religious wishes? I'd be really curious to hear anyone's thoughts on the matter.