In the same Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs meeting where Montrose was told its mascot is approved, Lamar High School was told otherwise. The school's current mascot is "Savages" and Lamar School District wanted to keep that name and change the logo to a bull rather than an American Indian figure. The school district's "Plan B" was to change the mascot to "Savage Thunder." 

Neither of these approaches were seen as acceptable by the commission. In the video below, you'll hear commissioners describe why it's not acceptable. 

While this decision would seem to require Lamar to pay the $25,000 fine next month, its school board voted at the same time as the commission meeting to drop the name "Savages" immediately. At the end of the meeting, the Lamar Superintendent asked the commission to take another vote considering the decision and the commission told them to work with CCIA staff after the fact. 

What do you think about the commissioners comments? Or about Lamar's decision to fight, and then cave at the last second?