Hello, Montrose and beyond! 

From time to time, I take a trip down U.S. 50 (my mother lives at a point beyond it and apparently enjoys seeing me). So, I am familiar with Little Blue Creek Canyon, and I've got to tell you that the progress I see there has been amazing. I have always been fortunate to be able to time my trips when the highway is open, except for once, when I easily hit the queue in time. 

But of course, not everyone is in the same circumstance. People who live in the area need that stretch of 50 to access their subdivisions. The truckers who transport so much of what we need use the highway. Agriculture. More.

And yet, the highway badly needed safety improvements at Little Blue. So there was a balance to strike. 

Where this is all leading to is this:  Progress!

As my colleague Josue Perez reports, blasting is nearly complete.

That means a wider road for better, smoother navigation by those very trucks whose drivers transport the things we need, and for tractors and other larger vehicles. You can read all about the other improvements and timelines in the story linked above, which also features photos that Staff Writer Cassie Knust took during a recent visit to the project.

Until the project is completed, continue with good patience and be mindful of the people working on the project. One death, that of contract worker Ricardo Batista last year, is more than enough. Mr. Batista, 69, died when a rock came down on the top of his mini excavator. What CDOT and contract teams are doing is inherently dangerous; please don't forget that.

Do you have any thoughts to share about the Little Blue Creek improvements? Weigh in here!

The construction site in Little Blue Creek Canyon, U.S. 50. (Cassie Knust)
The construction site in Little Blue Creek Canyon, U.S. 50. (Cassie Knust)