Tomorrow marks Day 70 since Russia invaded Ukraine in February--it feels like a lifetime ago.

I've spent the better part of the day reviewing and listening back to notes from my conversation with @AUGUSTA Martyniuk ...a Montrose resident who lived in Ukraine for 24 years. Augusta also has family in Ukraine facing the ongoing atrocities. She's been gracious enough to share her time, story and insight with me over the last few months and I'm just about ready to put pen to paper. 

In the meantime, I want to share some resources and words Augusta has shared with me since we began talking. The following are Ukrainian-based resources she encourages you to visit if you're interested in helping or providing aid to those in Ukraine:

Victory Gardens 

Come back alive: website where Ukrainians in Colorado are contributing money to Ukraine

Many people have also directly supported refugees through Airbnb and Etsy, purchasing services without expecting a product in return.

I'll leave you with the Ukraine national anthem that Augusta sent me a while back. She told me this was sung "at every opportunity" on Ukraine streets.

Ukraine national anthem
Ukraine national anthem