The League of Women Voters for Montrose County sponsored this webinar, on March 18, 2021.  It was a panel discussion with local law enforcement and mental health professionals who described their partnership using a co-response model, where law enforcement and crisis counselors respond together to emergency situations involving persons dealing with mental health crises.  Our panel of experts included Tim Cox, Patrol Commander with the Montrose Police Department; Ty Cox, Lieutenant with the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office; Laura Byard, licensed professional counselor and Regional Director from The Center for Mental Health for Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel counties; and Katharyn Burke, licensed professional counselor and co-responder for Montrose, also with The Center for Mental Health (CMH).  All our panelists are directly involved in the co-response program, but because they work for different agencies with different responsibilities and service areas, their answers provided a good understanding of how this co-response model works for Montrose County.  The CMH also partners with Delta County law enforcement to provide similar co-response services. A mobile crisis response service is also provided by the CMH for Montrose, Delta, Ouray, Gunnison, and Hinsdale counties.  A recording of the webinar can be view at: