Members of the public can apply to join sub-committees for MHS and Centennial, which will convene later this fall at least two times to brainstorm mascot alternatives. The meetings will be guided by structured agendas and action items. The district wants these subcommittees to include current students, athletes, coaches, teachers, parents and alumni. 

The subcommittees then make recommendations to principals Barnhill and Simo, who will present the prospective mascots at the scheduled Dec. 14 meeting of the school board. The board makes the final decision using the recommendations. The infrastructure changes are likely to start at the beginning of next year. 

We've had lots of talk on NABUR in the past about mascot names, and now some of those ideas could come to fruition. 

For her article on the process, Staff Writer Anna Lynn Winfrey spoke with MCSD Public Information Officer Matt Jenkins. Here he is discussing why the district has factored the community into the decision making.

What do you think about the process? Do you wish there was more community input? Will you apply to join a subcommittee?