If you've read the latest update for the Little Blue Creek Canyon Project on U.S. 50, you'll know that nighttime closures for the project aren't expected to start up again until spring 2022. 

There are a few reasons for that: 1) Workers aren't expected to work in the middle of the night during frigid temperatures. 2) The project is slated to be on pause during the winter months, but if conditions are warm - a "warm snap," as the communication team puts it - then workers will do some work during the winter. 

Many decisions from the project team until spring are weather dependent, so catch up on the latest on our website or visit us50info.com.

With two-way traffic to be open throughout the project for the majority of December, it'll be much easier to schedule travel times. But for those who've traveled it since the project started - how has it adjusted your schedule? Your travel arrangements? Have any business owners been impacted more than they expected? 

Feel free to share in the comments below your thoughts and experiences!