Four months ago Cally Hale & Aleta Labak & I had a discussion on cover crops in this  NABUR Agriculture discussion group. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to pick up 4 pounds of Phacelia seed at Southwest Seed in Dolores, CO. 

Phacelia is a fantastic pollinator attractor! 

I am actively looking to distribute the phacelia seed to those interested in seeding the phacelia seed within the next week or so. Within 2 months, the phacelia will be flowering! 

In return for providing the phacelia seed at no cost, I am requesting that the phacelia grower provide me with photos & written observations of the phacelia plants as they develop to maturity. 

If you are interested in seeding phacelia, please contact me prior to the 4th of July by texting to: 605.890.2600 or emailing me at:

Please be ready to let me know the amount of phacrlia seed that You are interested in planting: 

Phacelia Seeding rate:

4 oz / 1,000 sq. ft. / 0.11 kg / 92.9 sq.meters

Phacelia Seeding depth:

1/4 in > 1/2 in depth /  6.35 millimeters / 12.7 millimeters 

Looking forward to hearing from You before the Fourth of July.