As a former educator in the Montrose School District for over 28 years, I am both dismayed and disappointed by the announcement from the District that no masks will be required for the upcoming school year.

Your response appears to be “let’s pretend this virus no longer exists here.”

At a minimum you need to be protecting those young students who are currently ineligible for a vaccination.

Requiring masks for all students under the age of 12 and the teachers and school personnel that work with them is the responsible thing to do. Not requiring masks will create a situation for bullying of those students who do choose to wear them.

Vaccination rates in the county are barely over 50%. The Delta variant continues to increase and children are becoming more susceptible to contracting it.

Several students in the district are currently quarantined. Did the District confer with our local pediatricians for their input? I doubt a single one would have recommended eliminating masks at the current time.

It’s time Montrose School District to STEP UP and be the District that truly “leads from the front” like you tout, by being proactive and mandating masks.

Sandi Mike