Hi all, I am looking for some different fencing options for my house. I am mostly looking for a temporary solution that can last a couple years until I'm able to invest more in it. Doesn't have to be pretty. The main requirement for this fence is to be sturdy enough to keep my dogs from wandering and meeting cars when they come up my driveway.

At the moment, I'm thinking that a T-Post and wire solution as the simplest and most affordable while getting the job done, but my research has been short. I'm also juggling between doing this myself or asking a local business to do it as I'm not familiar with how difficult it will be for 2 people to do.

I did look at a few local businesses (England Fence, Kaylor Fencing, and Rustic Metal Fence and Gates LLC) and either have gotten an estimate or am in the process of requesting an estimate. However, I can't tell yet if these businesses do this simple option with "temporary" in mind. For example, England Fence has a "Field Fence" option but that uses 4" wood posts and those seem more permanent.

Are there other more affordable options I haven't looked at that would accomplish what I'm looking for? Am I being too cheap with this approach? Are there other businesses I should look into?

Thanks in advance!