Hi everyone,

I've recently started trying gardening and landscaping to turn my ugly desert gravel yard into something a bit more pleasing to the eyes, but I've been running into an issue -- clay. There is so much adobe clay in the ground that it's incredibly difficult to dig in by hand (broke 2 shovels already), and I was wondering if anyone has experience in this and could give me any tips? I'm doing a variety of things such as digging post holes, trenches, and general leveling of certain areas. 

I was considering maybe a rototiller, but I'm not sure it would actually dig deep enough into the ground to loosen the soil without renting an industrial level one. I was also considering an auger, but I have similar reservations about that. If they would work, what size(s) would be appropriate? I'm only on ~1/8 acre and am only landscaping 2/3 of it. 

So far the best luck I've had is digging the clay when it's wet, but it becomes so heavy it's ridiculous. I'd also like to avoid wasting water on something like this if I can. Anyways, any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!