I have found that should a I step away from the rancorous arguments, regarding mask mandates and mandatory vaccines, and watch from the sidelines if you will; I can much more clearly see the different perspectives fighting for my time and attention.

For me an objective view, not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts, often leads me to the simplest solutions frequently found staring me squarely in the face. As I sit here and write this, school has only been back in session about two weeks. Already many parents, teachers and staff have received notification from Central Office’s COVID Response Team (CRT) that they have had prolonged close contact with an individual confirmed positive for COVID-19. This is followed by reasonable information about the need to quarantine and the opportunity for free COVID testing through Montrose County School District.

So as I thought about this notice and held it up against my view from the sidelines, I’m left with the feeling that masks and vaccines would have saved MCSD and their CRT from sending out “after the fact” notices of exposure and offerings of free tests (which frankly must be being paid by someone somewhere)? Honestly the argument against masks and vaccines seems almost laughable, if only it was humorous. The whole discussion reminded of this delightful poem that I saw so artfully performed by John Denver, The Ambulance Down in the Valley — https://youtu.be/Y33eh8XJYDU

I wonder if trying to prevent an incidence of COVID from happening isn’t better than picking up patients at the bottom of the hill?

David Gann