Hey NABURs! 

You may have already seen the news that the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs voted last week to remove Centennial Middle School from the list of schools violating the ban on indigenous mascots, but Montrose High School and Johnson Elementary are still on the list. 

This doesn't mean that they flat-out rejected the new Red Hawks mascot selected for MHS: some members of the committee asked questions about the new logo, which is still under development. Montrose County School District, as well as others with questions, will get the chance to meet with the CCIA again on April 15. The 12 remaining schools on the list have until April 29 to submit revised documentation ahead of the CCIA's final meeting in May — if they're still in violation of the mascot ban, then they will likely start needing to pay the $25,000 monthly fine starting in June. 

As for the Thunderbird mascot at Johnson Elementary School, it's looking like the school district may need to come up with a new one, but nothing is for sure. School district representatives presented to the CCIA in January about why they should be able to keep the mascot — it does not depict a human and the logo has been changed to depict a cartoon-ish bird — but that was not enough for members of the CCIA, who did not move to remove Johnson ES from the list of schools violating the law banning Native American mascots. (Commissioners had the chance to add the two other schools in Colorado with Thunderbird mascots to the list, but nobody took action.) 

Do you have any questions about the process moving forward? Let me know and I'll address them in the comments and/or in future stories!