Residents of Tortilla Flats gathered last Thursday at the Mexican American Development Association building. 

The City of Montrose was previously granted $25,000 in March from History Colorado after the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) initiated efforts to prepare a historic context survey. Last Thursday’s meeting was part of that survey. 

The surveying team asked residents what they should know about their neighborhood, how the neighborhood is different from others in Montrose, what they hope to achieve through the survey, what other sources of information could be used for neighborhood history, what issues need addressing and how the residents feel about their community’s name. Community members described it as “diverse,” “accepting” and “tight-knit.”

While the issues brought up at the public meeting don’t directly impact the survey results, Langston Guettinger, historic preservation specialist and architectural historian, said that an extensive report provides an opportunity to place any concerns on record, particularly with city councilors present at the meeting.

What are your thoughts on Tortilla Flats receiving historic designation? What do you think about the historic preservation of neighborhoods?