Montrose County School District recently wrapped up the final stages of developing the new master capital plan, which will help the district decide how to prioritize facilities improvements and apply for grants in the future. 

The best part? So many of the documents and results are available on an interactive website where you can read about each phase of the plan, read the supporting research that went into the process and see an itemized list of deferred maintenance for each school. 

The top priority of the master plan moving forward is to keep up maintenance and security at all of the schools, but the next thing that needs to happen is expanding the Early Childhood Center. 

Montrose High School is getting old, too: replacing much of the building might need to happen sooner than later. A third of the total deferred maintenance within the district is needed projects at the high school — that's more than $27 million. (You can read the full report on the high school here.)

Here's what the layout for a replacement high school
Here's what the layout for a replacement high school could look like. 

What do you think about this plan and the priorities? I'm going to be writing some follow-up stories in the next few weeks, so let me know if there's anything in particular that you think I should look into or you have questions about.