Hello, everyone! The most recent calendar of events can be found right here. 

Do you have lots of trash you'd like to take to the landfill? Saturday is free day there, courtesy Montrose County! The details are in the events calendar linked above. 

Also ... Easter is upon us! Loads of secular egg hunts/events, as well as plenty of church services are in the calendar. A blessed Passover, Easter and spring to all.

Do you have a public event you'd like to list? Our events calendar is free!  Submit to editor@montrosepress.com. We need date, time, location, general (but brief!) info about the event and a number people can call for more info about the event. Websites/links, etc. may not exceed 20 characters (because the events calendar also appears in print, which is not clickable!) If yours exceeds that, please make a tiny url or a bit.ly.

Disclaimer time: The calendar runs most days, although sometimes, there isn't room in the print edition. It is best to submit entries at least one week before the event. We reserve the right to reject calendar entries.