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Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you think students are receiving adequate mental health awareness and help in schools? If no, what issues do you see your children or students facing and what kind of steps would you like to see taken?

Linda L Gann
I think it’s important for everyone in the education business to understand what mental health awareness is. Having said that, in my opinion, mental health needs to be supported by people actually trained in that discipline. In a perfect world, the stigma is gone, and a student can get the help they need just as if they fell on the playground and skin their knee I needed a Band-Aid, Or cell and broke a bone and needed more intensive help.
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It always depends on the teacher.  Some teachers feel comfortable discussing personal matters with the kids, while others prefer to stay on the curriculum tasks.  I hope the students have enough confidence in their teachers to choose one or two to talk about the issues.