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Asked a question 11 months ago

The MHS mascot committee has narrowed down their top mascot picks to these four options. What do you think about the options and the process so far?

H Family
I say save our school money. If the state wants to mandate that we drop our mascot, let them strip the title.
Take a sharpie and some duct tape and just cover up the INDIANS. We are too small a school to pay for this nonsense.
Raptors doesn’t fit our area. Bulls too easily fits with another word if you add 3 letters. Montrose Mountain Lions seems way to looonnng, and are the girl’s teams the lionesses? And I just don’t understand Storm (noun, verb, plural).
Sean Flannelly NABUR Staff
H Family Thanks for the comment! While it's likely too late for something like that to happen given that the committees already have a shortlist, it's definitely an interesting idea. Just like the Washington Football Team, Montrose could just be Montrose Football Team.

And on your note about Storm, I believe it's the noun form.
I do not think any of these names listed depict our area or our school. We need a strong name that will define the schools integrity, character and ethics. A mascot is not only the brand that describes what we want people to see but it needs to describe what is happening behind or school doors each and every day which is the epitome of our core values. The students who attend here, the staff that keeps our schools running smoothly, the teachers that teach our students, the coaches the mentor and coach our athletes, and the parents who support their students and our schools are what gives our community something to be proud of and that should be reflected through that mascot. This in my opinion is much more important than trying to name a mascot by our location. Remembering a mascot will happen through what our students do while they spend their 4 years at Montrose High School. We are remembered by the impact we have on each other near or far. I think we need to go back to the drawing board and rethink all of these names.
John Gomez
Throughout the year, the MHS band used the Pride of Montrose. It was not only very fitting for their season, but also for the success of other MHS organizations and the support of the community. Pride also represents a loyal group of lions that live and protect each other. A symbol or mascot of a lion would be fitting, but the Pride of Montrose, or combination of both is as well.
Wayne V
Storm would be OK if you added Kings to it.
Dave E.
Wayne V I think that may be where it originated early on in the discussion, the "King" being dropped as a poor fit for girl's sports teams. If nothing else, "Storm" gives sports writers something to work with when crafting clever headlines! :-)
Michael K
I'm not too crazy about any, but I would go with the Storm. It is something I have not heard of for a mascot, so it is more unique than the others.
The name "Storm" is cool but doesn't represent Montrose well. Montrose isn't known for storms but the area does have mountain lions. Mountain lions represent athleticism, bravery and cunning which are attributes any sports team, male or female can aspire to.
Wayne V
We already have two Panthers, a wildcat and a Tiger in the area. I would like something non-feline.
Leo Bruijnooge
H Family I totally agree. We can just be Montrose. Look at other countries, they just have name of the town and than sport. Money could better be spend for teachers or sub salaries than some mascot.
Sean Flannelly NABUR Staff
Dave Eipper You make a good point! "The players thundered onto the field," "lightning struck last night for the team," "Montrose rained on other team's chances," etc. I bet Josue would have a lot of fun with that for his articles.
Mike Stansbery
MHS's head football coach is vehemently opposed to the "Red Hawks" as a mascot name, calling the hawk a "weak bird" and "a hill for me to die on." Though the hawk's strengths might be a subject for debate, I'm certain that supporters of the Seattle Seahawks, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Atlanta Hawks professional sports teams would be happy to debate the point. I also wonder that, if not for the opposition of one person, "Red Hawks" might have been a choice in the list of finalist mascot names.
On another note on the use of "Storm," do we really want to associate ourselves in any way with the ever increasing frequency of deadly storms across the country? Would there even be an acceptable logo for that?
Sean Flannelly NABUR Staff
Colorado Bulldog I have to admit, I can't quite wrap my head around the hawk being a "weak bird." I mean, hawk-ish is quite literally an adjective used to describe aggressive or warlike attitudes and policy. But maybe his point is simply that it's overused and their are better birds (like Raptors^)?

You do make a great point surrounding Storm, especially with regard to the potential logo.

Speaking of names, though. We do require that NABUR members use their real first name and at least the first initial of their real last name. Check out our NABUR guidelines for more information on this.
Mike Stansbery
Sean Flannelly Per your reminder, my name changed from Colorado Bulldog to Mike Stansbery.
Many names came to mind here is a list I came up with which may have already been on the list, to begin with.. but just something to think about. I also believe it should not be just a committee that gets the final say about or future Mascot but the students, the staff, the teachers, and the coaches that should ultimately have the final decision.
The Pioneers
The Titans
The Bearcats
The Giants
The Dragons
The Spartans
The Eagles
of course I have tons more.. but just a few
Katharhynn Heidelberg Staff Member
Raptors are birds of prey and the mascot could be represented by any bird of prey, so it has flexibility. I like mountain lions, but "Montrose Mountain Lions" is kind of a mouthful. :)
Mountaineers was the best choice, NO to the ones they chose.
Josue Perez Staff Writer
I voted Raptors since it seems to make the most sense - the school can keep the feather in its logo and keep the red, black and white color scheme. Both have been reported as items the school would like to keep. But Mountain Lions has the majority of votes in the poll on our website.
Katharhynn Heidelberg Staff Member
I know it's too late now, but someone just mentioned the Mountaineers, and I do like that.
Dave E.
Josue Perez Certainly not my favorite if starting from scratch, but from a "let's just get this over with as cheaply and painlessly as possible" POV it i$ the most practical choice. I'm glad I don't really have a dog in this fight, and any comments are purely entertainment value. ;-)
Dave E.
Katharhynn Heidelberg But we would be the Valleyeers, wouldn't we? :-)
Katharhynn Heidelberg Staff Member
Dave Eipper Lol. I did think about that too!
Dave E.
I've grown pretty keen on the "Red Hawk" moniker that is reported to be most popular among students and staff. I sometimes see it used commercially as one word, "Redhawk", and think that would be the way to go. Economical like "Raptors" but it's got a little 'something extra' to it...
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