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Asked a question 2 years ago

What are your favorite plants to grow in a garden?

AUGUSTA Martyniuk
Phacelia, a good insectary plant, attracting pollinators such as honey bees.
Josue Perez Staff Writer
Neonila Martyniuk That’s a good one! I’ve read about the benefits of Phacelia.
AUGUSTA Martyniuk
Aleta Labak provided a link to Southwest Seeds which offers Phacelia as one their available products.
Dennis Anderson Publisher
Roma for salsa!
AUGUSTA Martyniuk
@Dennis Anderson When you use the word Roma - can you clarify what you are specifically referring to? A vegetable? A herb?
Dennis Anderson Publisher
Roma Tomatoes
AUGUSTA Martyniuk
Roma for salsa! What characteristic of the Roma Tomatoe contributes to it being a choice selection for Salsa?
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